how to stay warm in warm weather

How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

How to stay warm in cold weather is a handy skill that is necessary for both adults and young ones. The following are tips that can help you stay warm during cold weather.

Rugs or Carpets

It is helpful to lay a rug or carpet on the floor. They help to prevent heat loss through the floor.  It feels warm walking on them.

Shut doors and Windows to stay warm

Line windows with towels if cold air is escaping into the house through them. The bottom of doors can be stuffed with towels to prevent cold air from coming in.

Get Active

Get involved with exercise. This will help to keep your heart active. It also aids adequate circulation of blood  round your body.

Dress in Layers

Extra layers of clothes will keep you warmer. The following clothing may be helpful: slippers, tights/nylons, turtlenecks etc.

Body Heat Helps You Stay Warm

Cuddling generates body heat. So you can cuddle with a friend or partner so as to generate body warmth.

Stay Warm with Hot Baths

Ensure you have a hot  shower or bath. To sustan heat, apply lotion or oil to your skin.

Warm Beverages

Warm beverage can help to relax and also warm you up. Warm beverages like chocolate, tea, hot water with lemon etc.

Cold Weather tips for Children

Fire Alarms

It is essential to have fire and carbon monoxide alarms installed in the home. Domestic fires happen more during the winter.


Children lose water rapidly when breathing during the winter season. Children should drink more water during winter.

Apply Sunscreen

Suns reflect off the snow during winter. Sunburns can occur to children and adults during winter.  Apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Clothing Mishaps

Be careful with the choice of clothing for children during winter.  Scarves and hood strings can strangle smaller children.

Stay Warm using Extra Clothing

Children’s head, neck and hands must be covered during winter. Dress them up with extra layers of clothing. Their dress layer should be one extra more than those of adults.

Proper Sport Dressing

Sports equipments should be professionally fitted on children. Gear children up with helmets when involved in sports like Ice Hockey, Sled and Skiing.

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