Impotence is a medical condition that makes it impossible for a man to achieve or sustain an erection or ejaculation of the penis long enough for the sexual gratification of both partners. It is  one of the forms of erectile dysfunction(ED). Age is a contributing factor to impotence.

Causes of impotence

The mechanism of penal erection involves the flow of blood through blood vessels. Men who have such conditions as diabetes or atherosclerosis, which affect the flow of blood to the penis as a result of blocked blood vessels, will come down with ED. It can also be caused by the drainage of blood from a faulty penal vein. Certain operations or imbalance of hormones can also lead to ED in older men. It is also common for certain medication (medicines for cancer, high blood pressure, depressants, diuretics, stimulants, sedatives etc.) to interfere with the nervous system which is responsible for sending nerve signal to the penis.

Research has shown that men who have adequate education are less likely to develop impotence supposedly because they live a healthier lifestyle.

ED is also caused by psychological factors such as :

  • stress
  • performance tension. A person whose impotence is related to tension may achieve an erection when masturbatitng or during sleep, but cannot achieve same during sexual intercourse.
  • poor communication between partners
  • stress
  • rejection by peers or parents
  • history of sexual abuse
  • abuse of drugs
  • Alcohol abuse



Prescription for impotence may include:

  • surgical operation of blood vessels
  • viagra
  • counselling by a psychologist
  • replacement of testosterone
Natural treatment

Natural treatments are available for those who do not want to treat their ED with medicines. Natural cures for ED may include:

Consult your health specialist first before attempting any natural remeies for the treatment of ED.

Changes in lifestyle

Simple changes in lifestyle have been recorded to reduce difficulties with impotence. These changes may include:

  • regular exercise
  • healthy diet
  • less smoking
  • less drinking
  • enhancing communication in relationships

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