staying cool in hot weather

Staying Cool in Hot Weather

Staying cool in hot weather can really be of challenge when the sun comes blazing in the sky. Knowing how to stay cool in the summer heat is a handy skill that can save you a lot of stress during this period. Below are some tips that  can help you stay cool in the face of the blistering heat.

Carefully choose what you wear

Light weight cotton apparel is suitable for the summer heat. Stay off dark colours. Instead opt for white and cream colours because the sun’s radiation is more likely to be reflected by these colours.

Drink a lot of water

The rate of sweating is increased during summer. This is the reason why humans are quickly dehydrated during summer. Humans are more likely to be exposed to heat exhaustion and heat  stroke in hot weather. This can be prevented by drinking water as much as possible. Drinking cool water helps you to be hydrated during the summer heat. It also  helps to balance your body temperature

Freeze the Breeze

One quick tip for staying cool in hot weather is for you  to freeze the breeze in your room. Simply place a bowl of ice in front of a rotating fan. Your room will become cooler as the ice melts.

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Regular Small portions of meals

The body naturally generates metabolic heat in order to digest meals. Large meals call for large amounts of metabolic heat. When you eat in small portions, your body generates less metabolic heat needed for  digestion.

Feet or Wrist wash aids staying cool in hot weather

One quick trick to aid staying cool in hot weather is to wash your feet or wrist with cold water. This helps your body to be cool. It will also make you sleep easily at night.

The human wrist and ankles contain plenty of pulse points. Dipping your feet in an icy bucket can help lower your body temperature.

Stay Low

Hot air climbs or rises. This is why it is helpful if you stay on the low during the heat. One good way to stay low is to sleep on the floor. You may also sleep downstairs instead of upstairs.

Mouth Inhalation and nose exhalation

It is helpful to inhale through the mouth and exhale through your nostrils in hot weather . This is because, the saliva in your mouth helps to cool the air that goes through the mouth before it is sent to your lungs.

Slightly damp beddings

Keeping your beddings slightly moist can help you decrease your body temperature.

Use a hand fan not your hands

Using your hands as a hand fan increases your body temperature. This is as a result of the repetitive motion created by them. You should rather ensure that a hand held fan is always at close proximity. You feel more relaxed using a hand fan.

Refrigerate your moisturizers

Keeping your moisturizers in the fridge helps to cool them. Applying cool moisturizers on the body can create a soothing effect during a hot summer day.

Stay in the shade

It is advisable to stay in shades during times when the heat is extreme. You can also prevent the heating up of your room by keeping the blinds and curtains closed.

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